Improve LTE Performance

ISCO's PurePass Digital Signal Processing removes narrowband and wideband co-channel interference even in dynamic LTE networks

  • Deliver higher data rates expected from LTE
  • Ensure high SINR and efficient resource block scheduling
  • Just like 3G, removing LTE interference improves 4G network performance
  • Enable multiple filters to remove interference from incoming signal

Maximize VoLTE Call Performance

Spectrum Conditioning provides a robust RF link foundation, improving VoLTE performance, reliability, coverage and visibility

  • Protect SINR by eliminating interference
  • Improve data session setup and retention rates
  • Reduce noise so mobiles can be heard, even at the cell edge
  • View and act on performance-affecting information

Learn more from our VoLTE white paper [PDF]

Greater Spectral Visibility to Hunt Down Interference

Upgrade your existing Proteus units with the Spectrum Monitor™ App for Proteus® that acts like a remote spectrum analyzer

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  • Comprehensive view of up to 30 RF paths simultaneously and up to 30 MHz
  • Easily identify problems with waterfall graphs color-coded by power level
  • Simple controls enable customized alerts and markers plus DVR-like recording and playback

Facilitate LTE Site Turn-up and Provisioning

Work with ISCO's RF experts to create a Verdium™ RF Performance solution tailored for your specific configuration and its challenges

  • Deploy LTE across new and existing frequency bands while protecting it from adjacent transmit power
  • Reduce antennas by combining bands and RX/TX with state-of-the-art filtering
  • Solutions that blend passive and active components to eliminate interference and clearly deliver wanted signals

Custom Tailored
Combiner Solutions

Are you refarming?

Add LTE to existing 3G networks without disruption using ISCO Combiners.

Custom Tailored Combiner Solutions

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Simplify refarming from 3G to LTE


ProTools software delivers interference reporting and much, much more.

Img ProTools Highlight

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ISCO Proteus

Spectrum conditioning for 4G LTE improves data rates, coverage and VoLTE dropped calls by attacking interference and adjacent RF.

Proteus Box

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Spectrum Insight ISCO Value Model

Optimize RF spectrum and support special events with Spectrum Conditioning Professional Services!

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Proteus Portable

Proteus Portable

Simplify interference hunting by moving a Portable to troubled sites. Helps identify and removes interference until you eliminate the source.

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