Improve Performance Even in Challenging Environments

ISCO's Solution

Since its inception, ISCO has been focused on bringing to wireless service providers solutions that improve capacity, coverage and performance by conditioning the reverse RF link. ISCO's diverse product line offers intelligent spectrum conditioning solutions, software tunable signal conditioning filter products and spectrum analysis software tools.

ISCO's premise is that a conditioned reverse RF link free of physical layer impairments caused by co-channel RF interference or high-power adjacent RF results in a better RF link budget for the wireless connection. A solid RF physical layer means higher data rates, fewer dropped calls, more offered traffic and lower RSSI. This applies equally to CDMA / EVDO and WCDMA UMTS HSPA+ wireless networks.

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ISCO's Philosophy

Maintaining a solid RF physical layer by actively conditioning the reverse wireless link will result in an RF link budget that will benefit service providers by maximizing spectrum utilization. Spectrum is costly so squeezing all possible Erlangs and the highest possible Mbps data throughput are essential to realizing original design objectives and return of capital investment. Erlangs and Mbps data throughput create revenue. Lost Erlangs and data throughput not only result in lost revenue, they demand more capital to be deployed to compensate for less than efficient assets.

The Measured Reality

Interference is random but statistically probable. This reality has been measured and shown in numerous customer "Before and After" market evaluations addressing both 3G and LTE interference. The sources of interference are infinite, and as wireless communications grow so do the possible sources.

When interference occurs performance is degraded. As the adoption of smartphones grows dramatically and the corresponding data traffic increases exponentially, leaving the condition of the RF physical layer to chance is a risky proposition. 10dBm of interference power can cause a resulting physical layer impairment reducing capacity (Erlangs and Mbps throughput) by 14%. As interference power increases, the loss of capacity increases at an accelerated rate. Actively conditioning the RF physical layer protects the investment in capacity and helps to assure all attainable revenue is realized.

The Value

The value of ISCO spectrum conditioning solutions is simple — by actively conditioning the RF physical layer the wireless operator will realize the best coverage, capacity and performance possible. This means more revenue, more data throughput, reduced operating costs, and a better customer experience.

Increase Capacity — Recover Lost Capacity — Protect Network Performance

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