Every spectrum license is an important asset to the wireless network provider who owns it. Growing call volumes and data traffic require more spectrum to be used, and interference diminishes the value of the asset by reducing license capacity and coverage. Every customer using a network is important as a source of revenue, but spectrum limitations combined with 3G and LTE interference negatively impact the service they experience, which often leads to churn.

How ISCO improves service and creates more revenue

ISCO's ability to intelligently condition the spectrum ensures the cleanest signal, limited to the desired carriers, is passed to the base station even in the most difficult environments. This can substantially reduce the amount of spectrum wasted due to ingress from adjacent operators and co-channel interference. Spectrum can instead be used to permit more carriers, more calls, and greater data throughput.

If your network is challenged with any of the following situations, ISCO's products can help improve service and create more revenue.

Need to add more carriers

Add more capacity from existing spectrum and infrastructure by allowing the implementation of more carriers with ISCO's Proteus® with PurePass® RF Digital Signal Processing.

Dense Urban Environments

Heavily populated areas have high cellular call volumes from residents and people entering the area, requiring optimum use of spectrum.

Special Events and CoW/CoLT

High volumes of cellular traffic in unknown, unpredictable environments are often plagued with interference from unknown sources.


These areas are often densely populated and complicated by interference from bi-directional amplifiers on boats and competing providers across the water.


The growing popularity of air-to-ground service means more cell sites on the ground and more calls transmitted to planes, both intruding into the networks of nearby wireless service operators.

Spectrum Re-Mining

Upgrading networks from GSM to UMTS requires sharing infrastructure and overlaying new spectrum on existing towers, impacting spectrum already in use and increasing interference during the upgrade.

ISCO's products provide capacity maximization, adaptive interference mitigation (AIM) and radio frequency spectrum conditioning for all wireless technologies. Click on a product in the list at top right to learn more.