SpectrumInsight ProTools™

ProTools™ is a desktop-based application containing tools which allow you to monitor and analyze spectrum interference and manage your ISCO spectrum conditioning units. The combination of data and configuration capabilities allows you to not only see the condition of your wireless spectrum but take action to ensure your network is providing the best possible performance for your wireless users.

ProTools™ Capabilities

  • Report Generation and Analysis - A variety of reports show interference activity across devices, organized into regions/groups/nodes defined by the user
  • Multi-unit Geolocation - Displays node and sector information on a map, including main/diversity antennas and overlapping sectors
  • Device Management - Adjust parameters in response to actual spectral activity
  • Alert Tracking - Easily view log of instances when interference was excessive

Benefits to Network Operators

Get data and insight that helps you take action

  • Quickly identify interference problems by viewing multiple nodes simultaneously and drilling down into specific problem areas
  • Implement band reject filters and efficiently deploy field resources

Ensure interference is mitigated even if you can't reach the source

  • Accurately set UBRs (User-defined Band Reject filters) or adjust unit parameters
  • Protect performance while the interference source is hunted and removed or when it's inaccessible

Consolidated access to device management tools and visibility into your spectrum

  • Arrange nodes into meaningful groups or view individually
  • Experience the power of network-wide information as more spectrum conditioning units are connected