Proteus® with PurePass®

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Proteus® is a digital signal processor conditioning the cellular receive uplink RF path. This produces an RF signal free of unwanted co-channel interference and adjacent RF power. Proteus® with PurePass® RF digital signal processing helps operators ensure the cleanest signal, limited to the desired bandwidth, is passed to the base station even in the most difficult environments by removing 3G and LTE interference.

Each unit is now configurable for 4G as well as 3G protocols.

Proteus® Features

Adaptive Interference Mitigation ("AIM") eliminates the corruption caused by narrowband and wideband co-channel interference, passing an RF signal free of unwanted in-band interference

  • Reduces noise rise
  • Removes GSM and other rapidly occurring, highly dynamic interferers
  • Recovers coverage, capacity and performance

User Defined Band Rejection activates software-defined band-reject filters through a simple user interface

  • Through PurePass® digital signal processing, a specified bandwidth is substantially removed to minimize the effects of the desired carriers
  • User chooses center frequency and bandwidth of band-reject filters
  • Adds extra isolation and selectivity improving adjacent channel selectivity

ProView® and SpectrumInsight ProTools™ analysis tools provide visibility into the condition of the spectrum and log interference activity

With growing demand for speed and capacity due to increasing data traffic, call volumes and complexity of calls, most wireless carriers are hitting the limits of their allotted 3G spectrum and are deploying new 4G networks. Proteus® maximizes spectrum utilization by using PurePass® RF digital signal processing to ensure full use of existing carriers, permit more carriers and, ultimately, enable more calls and data throughput.

Proteus® Applications:

  • Support more carriers in existing spectrum
    Immediately increase capacity
  • Reduce interference from random sources
    Protect and condition carriers
  • Optimize performance at special events
    Maximize capacity and protect quality of carriers
  • Improve coverage and capacity in coastal and dense urban areas
    Complete more calls
  • Mitigate cross-border, GSM and rapidly occurring, highly dynamic interference
    Eliminate spectrum intrusions, maintaining maximum network performance

Proteus® with PurePass® passes a clean signal, making base stations work better.