Proteus® Portable

Proteus® Portable provides all the performance benefits of ISCO's revolutionary Proteus® product in a rugged enclosure allowing it to be moved to any cell site. The unit can be easily set up to immediately add ISCO's sophisticated spectrum conditioning technology to the site. It gives a rapid response to unexpected 3G and LTE interference events, reducing the time needed to resolve the interference problem and quickly restoring the customer experience.

Proteus® Portable Features:

Portable kits support Proteus® installations in a variety of configurations

  • Single band - One Proteus® unit to support 6 paths (3 sectors with diversity)
  • Dual band - Two Proteus® units to support 6 paths each
  • Power supply, cables and ancillary equipment included in the case for connection to Modcell 4.0/4.0B

Multiple models to support a variety of frequency bands

  • 850 MHz
  • 1900 MHz
  • 700 MHz
  • AWS

Rugged, wheeled case with retractable handle

  • Protects equipment and eases transport
  • Proteus operates while integrated into the case
  • Enables Grab and Go capability

Incorporates ISCO's PurePass® Digital Signal Processing and SpectrumInsight ProTools™ analysis software

  • Immediate deployment of sophisticated spectrum conditioning technology
  • Provides adaptive interference mitigation on a variety of narrowband and wideband interference sources
  • Improved performance near SMR, GSM and public safety bands
  • Quickly view interference mitigation activity and status

There is rarely a warning prior to interference disrupting a wireless network; that means no time to prepare, making it difficult to prevent call quality from suffering during an interference event. Now, Proteus® Portable can be quickly transported and installed when interference is found to cause performance problems. When it is no longer needed it can be packed up and redeployed or returned to storage.

Proteus® Portable Applications:

  • Interference Hunting
    Simplifies identification of the source and removes interference until it's eliminated
  • Sudden, disruptive interference events
    Quickly restores and maintains customer experience when a new interferer is noticed
  • Challenging environments
    Easy installation of spectrum conditioning improves network performance
  • Multiple locations
    Move portable unit to high-priority areas as needed
  • Update installed base of cell sites
    Maintain quality without significant capital investment

Proteus® Portable protects and restores customer experience and network performance and speeds resolution of interference events.