Spectrum Monitor™ App for Proteus®

Spectrum Monitor™ is a performance analysis tool that acts like a remote spectrum analyzer within a Proteus unit. Adding the Spectrum Monitor application enhances your investment in Proteus by showing real-time spectrum uplink data from any connected Proteus nodes while PurePass® Digital Signal Processing continues to mitigate interference. By simultaneously viewing up to thirty RF paths you are able to see the effects of PIM, co-channel interference, and gain insight into adjacent RF signals that may reduce network performance. This functionality works on all Proteus units whether CDMA EVDO, UMTS or LTE. Now, from anywhere with a network connection to the Proteus unit, Spectrum Monitor brings you real-time visibility into the uplink RF environment without having to be on-site.

Spectrum Monitor Capabilities

  • Captures Multiple RF Paths - Displays actual spectral activity on up to thirty paths simultaneously
  • Waterfall Presentation Format - Easily identify problems over time with color-coded power levels
  • Displays up to 30 MHz - Adjust frequency displayed to zoom in on problem areas in-band or adjacent
  • DVR-like Controls - Play/Pause and Rewind/Forward on both streaming and stored data
  • Markers and Alerts - Specify paths, frequencies and power levels for actionable notification

Benefits to Network Operators

Quickly diagnose troubles

  • Color-coded graphs easily identify high power levels
  • Effective display of problem frequencies and paths enables immediate corrective action

Allow greater control over network performance

  • View the condition of the LTE uplink as easily as for 3G
  • Define your own notifications and monitoring levels and change them as needed

Increase the value of deployed Proteus units

  • Optimize deployments by adding functionality without buying more equipment
  • Incorporate remote spectrum analysis into performance engineering

Simplify monitoring responsibility

  • Comprehensive view of full spectrum on multiple RF paths with colored overlay to indicate the active frequency band being monitored
  • Rely on one display instead of multiple screen captures

Spectrum Monitoring Application on Thirty RF Paths Remotely in Real Time

Img Spectrum Monitoring Application

The top line graph plots power across frequencies and uses unique colors to distinguish the Alpha, Beta and Gamma faces on both the Main and Diversity paths. This enables determination of troubled frequencies at a glance. Peak hold feature adds another analytic tool to the Spectrum Monitor App.

Three waterfall bands on the lower half of the screen correspond to each Alpha, Beta or Gamma face with the color indicating the magnitude of the power according to the scale at the bottom of the screen (red-pink indicates high power).