Verdium® Combiners / Splitters / Couplers

We know customers are often looking for ways to put together different types of RF equipment in customized ways to meet the configurations of individual cell sites while meeting overall performance objectives. It may be that LTE is being added to a site that previous handled 3G, or maybe new channels are being added to an existing antenna. Verdium® combiners, splitters and couplers are available in a variety of frequency bands to meet these network design and RF performance challenges. They combine isolation, selectivity and low insertion loss for optimal network performance in a cost-effective package.

Features of Verdium® Combiners / Splitters / Couplers:

  • Available in a variety of frequency bands, including LTE and AWS
  • Low insertion loss
  • Mounting on wall or on poles in various dimensions
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor installations

Applications for Verdium® Combiners / Splitters / Couplers:

  • Refarm existing 3G networks to expand deployment of 4G technologies
  • Add new channels to existing antennas to support carrier aggregation and growth
    in network capacity
  • Maximize capacity supported by new antenna installations
  • Integrate multiple carriers on the same antenna after new spectrum is acquired
  • Reduce the number of antennas in place by combining multiple base stations
  • Minimize cost of antenna replacement or repair by combining channels on
    remaining antennas

ISCO's Verdium® Performance Products support complex network configurations