Verdium® Filters and Duplexers

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Wireless carriers are always trying to remove unwanted signals that interfere with attaining target network performance. Nobody is immune to the problems that come from all kinds of sources such as nearby carriers or equipment, public safety bands, and even TV channels. At the same time, carriers want to reduce the number of antennas and minimize the insertion loss often associated with equipment in the network. Verdium® solutions include band-specific filters and best-in-class duplexers which protect the uplink band against interference, improve front-end sensitivity, and use antennas efficiently. ISCO's Verdium® solutions are customized to exceed specific integration requirements while providing sensitivity and isolation needed to support high power applications and simplify the launch of 4G LTE technologies.

Features of Verdium® Filters and Duplexers:

  • Easy integration in existing or new systems
  • Support for all domestic bands – 850, 1900, LTE, AWS
  • Indoor and outdoor configurations available
  • Unsurpassed Tx/Rx isolation
  • Low insertion loss
  • Compact design
  • Superior price to performance ratio

Applications for Verdium® Filters and Duplexers:

  • Reduce the number of antennas needed by sharing Tx and Rx on the same antenna
  • Improve LTE performance by rejecting unwanted signals from public safety, TV channels, SMR and other sources at edge of LTE band
  • Reject interference from spectrum refarmed or existing in adjacent blocks (GSM, A', D-block)
  • Introduce protection not provided by OEM front-end
  • Resolve disputes with other carriers by eliminating suspect transmissions
  • Update network by removing legacy simplex (receive-only) products

ISCO's Verdium® RF Performance Products come in a variety of models
to suit every need