More than Hardware — Spectrum Insight Professional Services

ISCO International's state-of-the-art digital signal processing Proteus® and innovatively engineered Verdium™ RF network elements are complemented by our Spectrum Insight suite of professional services to ensure wireless networks continuously perform at their highest levels. ISCO employees are experts in radio frequency (RF) network noise sources and interference mitigation and are well-versed in base station, DAS and associated products from major vendors found in 2G, 3G and 4G LTE wireless networks. Their technical and project management expertise is combined with experience from installations in thousands of cell sites and DAS systems to bring customers several levels of professional service. Customers choose the level they need based on deadlines, site logistics and project complexity, and while ISCO handles the planning and installation the customer can stay focused on running the network.


Special events have high visibility and importance, but are unpredictable and encounter unexpected RF challenges. Eventimization is a professional service offering that leverages ISCO's industry leading spectrum conditioning expertise, the Proteus® equipment and our proprietary data analysis software to optimize the RF environment of the special event while it is in progress. This service provides ISCO's RF Engineers on-site before and during the event to:

  1. Perform a health check on the spectrum conditioning solution (and install equipment if not already in place)
  2. Execute real-time Proteus configuration changes based on optimization recommendations
  3. Collect data and compile reports which show interference events and mitigation activity

The benefits of Eventimization include:

  • Mitigation of persistent and random interference as it occurs.
  • Real-time spectral analysis.
  • Immediate high level analysis and reporting per customer request.
  • On-site technical support for trouble resolution.
  • Correlation of interference events with network KPI performance across multiple zones.

Standard Integration Audit

ISCO offers a variety of solutions to fit many RF environments and OEM vendors. Each has its own unique characteristics and requirements that will drive the exact ultimate configuration. During the Standard Integration Audit, ISCO will capture the necessary information through three activities to determine the best solution and the exact equipment configuration required:

  1. Audit the physical environment and existing equipment
  2. Conduct a basic audit of the spectrum
  3. Determine the correct solution and deliver the final configuration

The benefits of a Standard Integration Audit include:

  • Enable the on-time installation of new equipment, limiting burden on customer staff and minimizing the chance of return site visits.
  • Reduce the possibility of a change order due to unexpected requirements encountered during installation.
  • Design the right solution and configuration the first time so everything functions correctly.
  • Define the detailed integration into the current environment upfront, allowing for proactive site prep if required.

Installation Services

All of the activities involved in adding equipment to a site become even more important when there's a compressed timeframe, large number of sites, difficult logistics, or important deadline. Choose Gold Service for installations in an expedited timeframe, for instance in emergencies when a new interferer is detected or a CoW/CoLT is added at the last minute. When installations need special handling to organize all associated activities, ISCO provides two levels of professional services -- Project Management and Project Coordination -- to provide special resources that go beyond standard installation work, ensuring an expedited or complex project receives an extra level of attention.

Gold Service ensures:

  • Site audits are performed in less than 10 business days
  • Installations take place in less than 20 business days
  • Expedites are charged and paid for only when they are needed

Project Coordination services provide a single point of contact who:

  • Coordinates all resources so everyone works to one timeline
  • Organizes overall project and can forecast how changes impact all activities
  • Coordinates site access and project acceptance
  • Uses tracker document to show progress
  • Communicates status updates from one source so everyone has the same information

Project Management services provide a specialized resource who performs all Project Coordination functions, plus:

  • Uses project management expertise and tools to develop and manage project plan
  • Holds kickoff and regular status meetings
  • Proactively identifies dependencies and jeopardies
  • Addresses any technical issues and drives resolution

The benefits of Installation Services include:

  • Keep expedited projects on track by closely managing activities and resources when the acceleration of ISCO services is required.
  • Utilize experienced resources and special tools to keep focus on meeting the project's special requirements.
  • Reduce potential for costly change orders by addressing issues early, avoiding escalations and rework.

Maintenance Services

ISCO offers 7x24x365 telephone support for all ISCO products. Depending on the service plan, coverage ranges from basic repair service to advanced replacement to on-site service by ISCO technicians. Maintenance services available for purchase cover all hardware, firmware and software purchased by ISCO customers.

Market Performance Assessment

Experienced ISCO engineers and technicians are available to conduct a performance analysis of our customers' wireless networks. Looking at the entire RF network for the market, ISCO's experience and expertise will help a wireless service provider identify opportunities to improve performance. In existing wireless networks our technical experts will work with customers to evaluate RF signal levels, identify potential sources of physical layer impairments including 3G and LTE interference, recommend strategies for reducing performance-affecting impairments, and implement performance measurements to demonstrate success.

As a result of the assessment ISCO engineers will identify cell sites that can reduce RSSI levels, increase ERLANGs, increase mbps throughput and improve overall KPI performance metrics. Other valuable information provided will be a network-wide identification of diversity imbalances, sector imbalances, uneven traffic loading and coverage gaps.

System Performance Assessment

Similar to a Market Performance Assessment, but a System Assessment is limited to a single cell site. Sometimes an immediate service situation needs to be resolved making a System Performance Assessment of a single site the right choice. The focus is on a single site and provides a quick assessment and recommended remedy.

Custom Design Services

ISCO is deep in engineering expertise pertaining to design and development of complex RF products and operating in hostile environments, especially where LTE interference is present. Different than consumer products, ISCO engineering experience comes from over 20 years designing, developing and delivering mission critical communication infrastructure equipment for the wireless telecommunications industry. No less than five 9's quality and performance is acceptable, and that is the standard for ISCO designs and what its products deliver. For your special mission critical RF designs, ISCO is available to deliver on your requirements.