ISCO International Streamlines Integration at the Baseband Level with ProteusCPRI

ISCO International announces the availability of its latest hardware platform, expanding the Proteus® family of products to encompass spectrum conditioning on digital RF of the CPRI link as well as the traditional RF uplink.  ProteusCPRI is designed to be installed in the wireless network at the baseband level, supporting configurations where tower top radios and centralized RAN deployments separate the radio electronics from the baseband processing.  At initial launch the new platform supports network functions such as PurePass® to ensure the signal is free from network impairments and c-ONE PIM Canceler to eliminate effects of intermod, with additional network functions to be added in the future.

ProteusCPRI supports 3 to 12 CPRI links in a NEBS-compliant 2U platform to cover multiple bands in a typical multi-sector, multi-band site, DAS or C-RAN hub.  Additional specifications supported include up to 4x4 MIMO, up to 20 MHz carriers in any frequency band, and CPRI rates 1-7.  With integration at the baseband level of up to 12 paths in one unit, a large number of sectors and bands can be conditioned with no tower climbing or site engineering required, supporting network densification strategies and setting the stage for the move to centralized RAN.

“Our customers are reducing the amount of equipment in their networks for many reasons, including to minimize space requirements and to gain more control through software features,” said Igor Goodman, Vice President of Engineering at ISCO International.  “Besides residing on the CPRI link in a centralized hub instead of being dispersed throughout the network, one ProteusCPRI unit covers as many paths as four to eight traditional Proteus® units, so customers can get the same results with fewer pieces of equipment.”  A reduction in equipment does not require customers to sacrifice quality, as the same PurePass® interference mitigation algorithm and visibility tools they are used to on other Proteus platforms are available on ProteusCPRI as well, including Spectrum Monitor™ for real-time and remote analysis of spectral conditions.

As wireless networks continue to evolve toward new technologies and fit in more challenging spaces, ISCO’s solutions that combine hardware options with software network functions evolve along with them.  With the introduction of ProteusCPRI the Proteus family of products now supports configurations ranging from outdoor tower tops to indoor baseband CPRI, bringing visibility, manageability and spectrum conditioning to any type of network configuration.