ISCO Redefines PIM Cancellation with New c-ONE PIM Canceler Network Function

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ISCO International announces its newest Network Function, c-ONE PIM Canceler, addressing the need to respond to the complex Passive Intermodulation (PIM) products generated by combinations of transmitters in multiple bands.  Available as a feature on ISCO’s powerful Proteus1AIR and ProteusCPRI hardware platforms, c-ONE PIM Canceler is an intelligent digital signal processing algorithm that does not need direct access to the PIM source transmissions, providing a robust solution that handles PIM from multiple sources, bands and sectors that can change over time and be difficult to access.

Well-known sources of PIM like loose connectors and use of equipment that is not PIM rated can be discovered and addressed with site cleanup, use of proper PIM-rated components, strict adherance to site standards or careful antenna placement.  However, since PIM products occur at mathematical combinations of transmit frequencies, multiple LTE carriers can mix to create significant PIM even if all the PIM best practices are followed inside the cell site.  When multi-band PIM falls in the uplink it impairs network performance and can prevent a wireless carrier from bringing up a new band or operating one at the desired power level, reducing the amount of traffic it can handle. 

“Our customers are experts at eliminating PIM from sources found at their cell sites,” said Bill Myers, Vice President of Strategy and Product Management at ISCO International.  “But today’s crowded RF spectrum leads to some band combinations that are susceptible to harmful PIM interference and are very challenging or impossible to remedy. Wireless capacity is more critical than ever, so wireless network operators look to us to help find new ways to remove impairments to make sure as much spectrum as possible is available for handling traffic.  The c-ONE PIM Canceler’s view of PIM is more flexible than with traditional phase cancellation techniques so it tackles more interference than traditional methods.”   

ISCO’s c-ONE PIM Canceler Network Function was designed to protect the uplink from PIM sources in the same and adjacent sectors arising from any combination of frequency bands, for example PCS mixing with AWS or multiple 700 MHz bands mixing together.  The c-ONE PIM Canceler complements ISCO’s PurePass® interference mitigation for maximum spectrum conditioning and works with Spectrum Monitor™ for real-time visibility.

Recent implementations have targeted a variety of band combinations to eliminate harmful intermod products and have reduced noise rise up to 10 dB.  This improvement allows carriers to bring up new frequency bands and increase transmit power to levels that deliver more traffic, which is critical in today’s environment where every megahertz counts.