ISCO CTO and COO to Present "Identifying and Addressing PIM" at Verizon's VZTUF Conference

Amr Presentation Card.png

Dr. Amr Abdelmonem, the CTO and COO of ISCO International, will speak at the conference Tuesday, January 15, at 10:45AM in Room 412. His presentation, entitled “Identifying and Addressing PIM” will educate the attendees about different types of PIM and how it can be minimized in wireless networks. An area of focus will be PIM from intermodulation, caused when multiple transmit bands combine to produce PIM in a wireless carrier’s uplink band. As more spectrum bands are activated, including FirstNet and 600 MHz, this problem is becoming more common and more complicated. Dr. Abdelmonem’s presentation will describe growing threats such as “Triple Beat” PIM and include information on how performance problems caused by PIM can be overcome.