Cutting edge cellular network protection since 1989.


ISCO International operates on the "front lines" of 4G wireless communications by enhancing the integrity of a mobile operator's "physical layer" assets — the cell site and acquired spectrum. ISCO understands that wireless communications depend heavily on the user's RF connection to the base station and the company's "spectrum conditioning" Network Functions ensure that this connection performs as expected even in the most hostile and unpredictable environments. ISCO's new Proteus® product family, based on the latest PurePass® digital signal processing technology, adaptively identifies and corrects the physical layer impairments (PLI) that decrease a cell site's coverage, capacity, data throughput and KPI performance. ISCO allows wireless carriers to get the most out of their existing network and spectrum, reducing operating expense and delivering a consistently high quality of service.

ISCO is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, but our products are used by wireless market leaders worldwide. Since 1989 we have brought to the wireless market a suite of highly differentiated technologies and solutions for mobile operators, network infrastructure providers and other resellers of wireless products and software solutions. We have over 10,000 sector-carriers in operation with engagements on nearly every continent.

ISCO is led by executives with substantial experience in all areas of wireless and telecommunications, so they understand the evolution of the industry and the importance of updating products and services to meet changing needs.

ISCO is a privately held company and is affiliated with Grace Brothers, Ltd, Evanston, IL.