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ISCO solutions improve network performance by sculpting the cell edge and actively managing the RF links.

Centralized RAN and Small Cells

For many reasons, the deployment of small cells and centralized RAN are increasing.  Small cells, increased numbers of RRUs and C-RAN create new challenges for wireless service providers including managing ICI, cell edge performance and ensuring fronthaul integrity across the CPRI links. 

ISCO solutions will reduce ICI and improve network performance allowing more carried traffic by sculpting the cell edge and actively managing the RF links. 

As more radios are deployed using a C-RAN architecture, CPRI becomes the primary fronthaul connection.  ISCO Network Functions operate at the baseband level acting on the digital RF IQ data.  ISCO solutions extract the IQ data from the CPRI link, condition the digital RF, then repack the optimized digital RF back into the CPRI interface and seamlessly forward onto the Baseband Unit.

An added benefit of ISCO solutions on the CPRI link is CPRI link visibility.  In a C-RAN hub the concentration of CPRI fiber links could be high.  Quickly identifying problem CPRI links then diagnosing whether it is the RRU or the fiber can save service providers the cost of downtime and multiple truck rolls.