Always Innovating

ISCO technologists lead the way to the best performance and spectral efficiency in wireless networks of all types.  We've been there for the evolution from 2G/3G to 4G LTE and are now part of the transition to 5G.  We bring our unique perspective to today's and tomorrow's wireless industry real-world challenges. 

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Virtualization & 5g

To achieve the potential of virtualization and 5G, network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) must extend to include the radio access network (RAN).  We are working with customers to ensure the capacity and performance enhancements from ISCO network functions will be available in their virtualized networks.

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innovation awards

Each year Crains Chicago Business recognizes the most innovative companies based on patent quality and activity.  We are proud that ISCO's creativity and foresight leads to this consistent recognition, representing telecommunications among leaders from many other industries.

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ISCO is active in developing new ways of monitoring, measuring, evaluating, and conditioning networks to ensure they perform at their best as wireless demand continues to skyrocket.  This intellectual property is covered by numerous US and international patents.