SINR Optimization is essential to network performance. ISCO’s Link Conditioning can help you achieve it.

Link Conditioning®

ISCO’s Link Conditioning® Solution is a software application running on ISCO’s Proteus® platforms to measure and optimize Signal to Interference and Noise Ratio (SINR) for each RF link. Link Conditioning® improves the uplink (PUSCH/PUCCH) to improve the downlink (measured in throughput, number of users, PRB efficiency, ACK/NACK ratio, etc). It allows wireless operators to maximize spectral capacity by optimizing SINR and increasing spectral efficiency, improving utilization of spectrum assets. The closed loop Link Conditioning® algorithm proactively reviews and analyzes a large swath of adjacent and in-band spectrum, and with five dynamic in-band and out-of-band algorithms, link conditions are improved. The variable impact of user density, location in the sector, applications used, and external conditions (eg., weather, time of day, automobile traffic), creates a dynamic environment and is not compensated through network design. Link Conditioning® adjusts by scanning every few minutes and taking action. As a closed loop process it takes key measurements to determine whether a change should be made, measures after the change, and repeats the process.

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