Proteus1AIR’s small size is ideal for incorporating spectrum conditioning in network densification programs.


Proteus1AIR™ minimizes interference problems inherent in network densification efforts. This advanced RF solution is designed to fit the latest network configurations and includes features that allow you to tailor the RF environment to the actual conditions in which you are operating. Proteus1AIR is delivered on an innovative, high-performance platform with greater processing power and enhanced PurePass® algorithms supporting wider bandwidths in a smaller, lighter form. Perfect for duplexed and tower-mounted applications, Proteus1AIR is an easily integrated, twin-path package that installs directly on the antenna feed. Network densification is implemented using tower top deployments, heterogeneous networks, small cells and DAS, and the new form factor of Proteus1AIR ensures the benefits of spectrum conditioning fit in the next generation of your network.

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