Proteus CPRI with bezel 2017-01-17.png
ProteusCPRI™ brings visibility, manageability and spectrum conditioning to the digital RF carried across the CPRI link.


ProteusCPRI™ enables ISCO’s RF conditioning network functions in a platform designed for streamlined integration on the CPRI link. Designed to be permanently installed in the wireless network at the baseband level, ProteusCPRI™ supports network functions such as PurePass® to ensure the signal is free from network impairments, c-ONE PIM Canceler™ to eliminate effects of intermod, and other algorithms and applications. As tower top radios and centralized RAN (C-RAN) deployments separate the radio electronics from the baseband processing, ProteusCPRI™ ensures the benefits of RF conditioning are supported in the next generation of your network.

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