PurePass provides a robust software foundation with LTE-aware DSP algorithms that analyze the spectrum and take action.


The foundation of ISCO's family of RF performance network functions, PurePass targets a wide variety of in-band and out-of-band interference scenarios with high performance digital filtering. There are a lot of test and monitor solutions in the market - PurePass provides an adaptive solution that doesn't just monitor for problems, it actively steps in to improve the RF conditions and network operation. There are two primary algorithms that comprise PurePass: AIM and UBR. 

PurePass Adaptive Interference Mitigation (AIM) algorithms provide dynamic and autonomous, highly selective in-band filtering that mitigates a wide variety of external interference sources impacting the uplink signal in milliseconds, restoring performance.

In addition, PurePass User-Defined Band Reject (UBR) filtering can be used by RF performance engineers to protect against a wide variety of impairments. 

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