ISCO’s active solutions do more than monitor, they adaptively improve signal quality and network performance.

ISCO Helps Wireless Networks Work Better And Carry More Traffic

ISCO delivers software-based solutions to wireless network operators that improve spectral efficiency and immediately increase the amount of traffic wireless networks can carry.

ISCO solutions are RF conditioning Network Functions operating on a variety of ISCO hardware platforms.  These multiple hardware platforms offer flexible integration options for DAS, macro cell sites, small cells, CPRI and C-RAN configurations.

ISCO solutions are active and in line, doing more than just monitoring. Many solutions today only monitor performance. ISCO solutions take action to do more. ISCO monitors the condition of the wireless links, analyzes the signal, and takes action to improve network performance.

Beyond ISCO's platforms, ISCO’s patented modular software technology can be embedded in other network devices, OSS, and Self Optimizing Network (SON) applications.  By virtualization of the ISCO Network Functions within other network software and infrastructure, service providers can realize the benefits of ISCO spectrum conditioning solutions on a wider scale.