Spectrum Monitor and ProTools analytics are like “x-ray goggles” for interference and spectral impairments.

Spectrum Monitor and SpectrumInsight ProTools

Optimizing RF performance starts with really knowing what is in the spectrum and ISCO's combination of insights is unique.

SpectrumMonitor provides real-time or recorded views of the RF spectrum across one or many RF paths. Using this capability, RF engineers can see what is really happening in the spectrum across 100s of paths and record the views for later analysis.

The SpectrumInsight ProTools software can combine interference records and other logs to create sophisticated statistical analysis of interference impacting network performance.

Combined, these tools provide a unique vision into the operation of the network. Unlike heat maps which show all RF energy, ProTools is like x-ray goggles, looking through the dynamic LTE signals coming and going to be able to identify interference, even if that interference is intermittent.

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