ISCO has a long history of technology development and innovation. Originally founded based on superconducting technology from Argonne National Laboratory, ISCO has continued to develop and bring to market a wide variety of leading-edge signal processing algorithms designed to improve network performance. ISCO knows that there is a big difference between the theoretical RF environment of labs and standards bodies and the reality of RF in actual real-world deployments and is focused on developing new and better ways to get the most out of a wireless operator's networks and spectrum. 

A reflection of that history is ISCO's investment in R&D, totaling more than $50M in the last 10 years alone. Over 40% of ISCO's team have engineering degrees and ISCO continues to develop and patent new technologies as a core business function. 

Crain's Eureka List of the Most Innovative companies in Chicago provides validation of ISCO's innovation and investment in R&D. ISCO has made Crain's Eureka List each of the last two years and was #1 on the list of patents per employee. 

Most importantly, ISCO's satisfied customers show that ISCO's technology is applicable to solving real problems network operators face every day to provide optimal network performance.