ISCO’s RF conditioning algorithms are network functions positioned to migrate to the virtualized cloud.

Virtualized Networks

The largest wireless service providers have already announced and outlined their plans to deploy Cloud or Virtual Radio Access Networks in the coming years. The billions of CAPEX dollars that have been spent over the past 20 years is at the onset of happening again as operators push to new architectures.  5G, densification, IoT, M2M and the many new applications that will become enabled by the future low latency broadband wireless networks will operate from centralized and virtualized architectures.  With the growing deployment of Centralized RAN, this evolution is already starting today.

Numerous Virtualized Network Functions are fundamental elements of the C-RAN and the virtualized network.  ISCO’s RF conditioning algorithms are Network Functions which are virtual by architecture and positioned to migrate to the virtualized cloud.  Today ISCO’s patented modular software algorithms are realized on ISCO hardware but the algorithms are ready for the cloud or integration into other network equipment and software systems. 

Click here to download our latest white paper detailing our approach for edge computing architecture and Virtualized Network Functions for 5G.